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Bonus Description

Wager21 casinos all have a similar bonus -- 100% up to $350 with 10xB wagering on Video Poker or Pai Gow. The bonus rules are listed in the help: questions: bonus section. Bonuses differ from a typical sticky in two key ways:

1. The bonus is not removed from your account after a withdrawal. After completing wagering on the bonus, you can cash in your winnings and deposit, then continue betting the bonus.

2. If your bonus balance drops due to losses, any wins on the remaining balance are immediately cashable. You do not need to exceed the original balance to make a cashout.

Given these rules, the obvious strategy is to play through the wagering requirement on a low-house edge game, receive the bonus, then withdraw your cash balance so only the bonus remains. After completing the wagering requirement, there are more options. One strategy is to make small bets on baccarat and immediately cash out each win, so that each time you make a bet, you are only betting the bonus. Using this strategy, the average bonus retention is 99% (1-house edge). Alternatively you could play many other games, cashing out each win.


Game Selection

The casino rules state blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and craps do not count towards wagering. Video Poker and Pai Gow are available. However, it has been my experience that both of these games' returns do not meet expectations of a random card distribution. In spite of this questionable fairness, I made a gain on the sign-up bonus at each of the three Wager21 casinos where I have played.

If Wager21 video poker followed the expected card distribution, then Tens or Better Video Poker would have a return of >101%. I have been told that the video poker is like a slot machine in terms of outcome distribution, rather than a deck of cards. This may be the case with Pai Gow as well. In the screenshot at the top of the page, note that the player and dealer have 7 cards with the same rank. The odds of this happening randomly are roughly 1 in 20,000. This rare event happened about a half-dozen times over the course of my wagering the first time I played at a Wager21 casino. I contacted support about this issue at the time and did not receive a reply.

The second time I played at a Wager21 casino, I had a poor start and tried to recover some of my losses playing baccarat, which I believe to be a fair game. I was successful in recovering my losses. When I checked the cashier section, I was surprised to find out that I had completed the wagering requirements. While baccarat may count towards wagering, I recommend sticking to the allowed games instead.



Wager21 have a unique rule of requiring you to wait 7 days before a withdrawal. The bonus rules state, "When you first signup you have to wait 7 days before making your first withdrawal or you forfeit all bonuses." So be sure to wait at least a week before making a withdrawal!

Years ago , this group had several non-payment issues and was rogued at Casinomeister. Now, Casinomeister has them listed as "Under Observation." I have consistently been paid by this group. However, I have had difficulty reaching support on more than one occasion.


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