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Wager21 is one of the worst casino softwares that I have used. Games are flash-based. The convenience of not requiring a download comes at a high cost. Like many no download casinos, features and general quality fall short. Blackjack variations and more than 5-play video poker are not available. Games work especially poorly with Firefox/Netscape, as the bottom of the screen may get cut off, so you cannot see your balance while playing. Some games may be unfair (see below). Only email support is offered, and support may be unresponsive to emails. If you can handle all of these negatives, the group is generous with bonuses. The sign-up bonuses are large with low wagering, and the group gave excellent no-deposit Christmas bonuses last year with a wagering requirement of only 1xB. These were the best and most profitable Christmas bonuses I received.



The casino FAQ states, "Our Free Games are programmed for FUN and give higher payouts (than real mode)." Programming fun mode to a different payout than real mode is shady and suggests that the house edge of non-slot games may differ from mathematical expectations. I believe that some Wager21 game outcomes do not have the expected distribution. If Wager21 video poker followed the expected card distribution, then Tens or Better Video Poker would have a return of >101%. I have been told that the video poker is like a slot machine in terms of outcome distribution, rather than a deck of cards. Players have reported payouts well below the expected return and seemingly non-random distributions on some video poker games, such as Lucky Deuces. This may be the case with Pai Gow as well. In the screenshot at the top of the page, note that the player and dealer have 7 cards with the same rank. The odds of this happening randomly are roughly 1 in 20,000. This rare event happened about a half-dozen times over the course of my wagering the first time I played at a Wager21 casino. Another player has confirmed similar results on Pai Gow Poker and sent me similar screenshots. I contacted support about this issue at the time and did not receive a reply. In spite of the questionable fairness, I made a gain on the sign-up bonus at each of the three Wager21 casinos where I have played.


Game Selection & House Edge

Given that there is a high probability that some table games have a slot-like outcome, I will not list house edge. Instead I will only list available games -- baccarat, blackjack, caribbean poker, craps, keno (2 games), roulette, slots (~22 games), video poker (7 games, ...1-5 hands, depending on game).



Wager21 casinos use a unique bonus system. Bonuses differ from a typical sticky (a bonus that can be bet, but can never be withdrawn) in two key ways:

1. The bonus is not removed from your account after a withdrawal. After completing wagering on the bonus, you can cash in your winnings and deposit, then continue betting the bonus.

2. If your bonus balance drops due to losses, any wins on the remaining balance are immediately cashable. You do not need to exceed the original balance to make a cashout.

The casinos have a unique rule of requiring you to wait 7 days before a withdrawal. The bonus rules state, "When you first signup you have to wait 7 days before making your first withdrawal or you forfeit all bonuses."


United States Residents

Wager21 continues to allow US players. The group has its own eWallet system, DirectNetPay.


Casino List

Casinos using Wager21 software are listed below. Click on a column header to sort by that measure.

Casino Group Bonus EV Max Bonus Bonus % Wager Game USA? Notes
Gold Betting Wager21 +$100? $350 100% 10xB Video Poker Yes See Summary & Warning
Lady Dream Wager21 +$100? $350 100% 10xB Video Poker Yes See Summary & Warning


Table Definitions

Group -- Casinos often are linked together with a single group. These groups are listed in the table. I recommend not simultaneously playing two sign up bonuses from the same group. Wait until payment is received in Neteller, then move to the next casino.

Bonus EV -- EV stands for Expected Value. Bonus EV indicates the average expected gain of the bonus with the following strategy -- bet the full bankroll, then playthrough bonus if doing the playthrough increases expected gain.

Max Bonus -- Max bonus indicates the maximum bonus that can be received.

Bonus % -- Bonus % indicates the ratio between the bonus and your deposit. If a $300 bonus is given on a $100 deposit, the bonus % is 300%.

Wager -- Wager indicates the wagering requirement for the bonus. All wagering requirements are expressed in terms of the bonus.

Game -- Game indicates the recommended game to play the bonus.

USA? --"No" means the casino allows no players from the United States. "No New " means the casino allows existing players, but does not permit new registrations. "Yes" means the casino allows players from anywhere in the United States. "Some" means the casino allows players from some US states, but not others. Microgaming casinos typically allow players in 39 US states. They do not permit players from 11 states where gambling is legislated illegal or where there have been related court cases -- Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, Wisconsin, New York and New Jersey.

Notes -- Notes indicates other important things to take note of, such as associated warnings.


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