Beating Bonuses Beating Bonuses




Increased Java security restrictions prevent this simulator from running on Chrome. Firefox and Internet Explorer are supported with modified settings. If the simulator fails to load, try adding the simulator to your browser's Java exception site list in the Configure Java menu. On a Windows PC, you can find the Configure Java menu by searching for "Java" in the start menu. After opening the Configure Java menu, click on the Security tab and select Edit Site List. Enter the URL of the simulator including http:// -- , then refresh your browser. Using the old (slower, no complex games) javascript simulator should also resolve the issue. A forum member has created a downloadable simulator (some features are not free), which should also resolve any Java security issues and has some additional features.

This simulator lists the average return of a bonus, chance of a positive return, and chance of busting. As the name implies, results are determined by random simulation, rather than calculation. See the instructions page for more detail about the simulator operation.


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