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Bonus Description

World Wide Vegas offers a 100% match up to $500. The bonus has unique and complicated rules. It differs from a typical sticky bonus in two key ways.

1. The bonus is not removed from your account after a withdrawal. After receiving the bonus, you can cash in your winnings and deposit, then continue betting the bonus.

2. If your bonus balance drops due to losses, any wins on the remaining balance are immediately cashable. You do not need to exceed the original balance to make a cashout.

Given these rules, I recommend playing through the 70xBonus wagering requirement on blackjack, then withdrawing your cash balance, so only the bonus remains. After this point, there are more options. One strategy is to make small bets on blackjack and immediately cash out each win, so that each time you make a bet, you are only betting the bonus. After you have converted the bonus to withdrawals, you can cancel the many withdrawals, then combine the small withdrawals in to one or more large ones. Using this strategy, the average bonus retention after completing wagering is >99% (1-house edge in blackjack). Alternatively you could play many other games instead of blackjack, cashing out each win.



In Jan 2011, two players on the forum mentioned a rep from accounting repeatedly telling them they needed to wager more than required. Support agreed that they had met the wagering, but they could not cash out due to the lack of accounting approval. This appears to be intentional. Some players have reported slow and awkward payouts.



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