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The IOG group no longer exists. It has been acquired by iGlobalMedia (linked to Party Casino), along with the former Empire group. Things seem to be improved with the new group with cashouts going smoothly for most players. However, one player mentioned that he hasn't been paid after 3 weeks at Swiss Casino, with no explanation.

When the IOG group did it exist in the past, it had a negtive history involving labeling players bonus abusers, and then not paying winnings. A rep described the reasons for non-payment as, "... a player opening many accounts on the same day, try to get maximum bonuses in all the accounts, play specific games only with a high stake betting pattern, hopefully make a quick win with the assistance of the free bonuses, then play smaller bets to make wagering and then withdraw"

The former IOG group (now part of iGlobalMedia group) includes the following casinos: 50 Stars Casino, Casino Las Vegas, Casino King, Magic Box, and Swiss Casino.


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