Beating Bonuses Beating Bonuses



Wagerweb uses a unique bonus system that they call "free play." The free play bonus remains your account after a withdrawal. You can choose to either bet from your free play balance or your real balance. With each free play bet, you lose that much of the free play balance. Winnings from free play bets are credited as cash. This system differs from Grand Virtual, Chartwell, Parlay, and Wager 21 sticky bonuses in that only winnings from each bet are converted to cash, not the bet itself. For example with a $10 blackjack bet on a "sticky 2" bonus, both the $10 bet and winnings from the $10 bet are converted to cash. With a $10 blackjack bet on a Wagerweb free play, only the $10 winnings from the bet are converted to cash. Using low risk bets on a 1:1 game like blackjack, you are expected to retain about half of the bonus. With higher risk bets on games with large rare payouts, the expected bonus retention increases.

Wagerweb charges a substantial fee for withdrawals. The website lists the specific costs.


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