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Select a video poker game from the pulldowns and enter the paytable. The extra coins feature pulldown includes special modes that are played with more than 5 coins including Level-Up, Multi-Strike, Quick Quads, Super Times Pay, and Ultimate X (more detail & assumptions). The calculator will return the house edge and standard deviation with strategy optimized for that paytable, as well as the house edge with the default strategy (strategy based on the standard payout) that some know by memory. For example, after selecting the GamesSys No House Jacks or Better edge paytable from the pullodwns, the calc returns an optimized house edge of -0.01% and default house edge of 0.34%. This indicates that GameSys's No House edge game has a slight player edge if you play with a strategy optimized for the unique paytable, but the house edge is not much better than standard full-pay JoB, if you play with standard JoB strategy. In contrast 5/8 JoB shows only a 0.01% difference in house edge between optimized and default strategy.


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