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Bonus Description

Casino Vega offers a 200% match up to $1000 on the first two deposits. The required playthrough is 60xB {40x(B+D)=60xB because the bonus is 200%} on blackjack and 30xB on other games. I recommend depositing less than the maximum. See the warning below for more information. The bonus has unique and complicated rules. It differs from a typical sticky bonus in one key way. If your bonus balance drops due to losses, any wins on the remaining balance are immediately converted from bonus to cash. You do not need to exceed the original balance to make a cashout. An example will make this more clear.

Let's say you have a bonus balance of $200 and a cash balance of $0. If you bet $100 on red in roulette and lose, then your bonus balance drops to $100. If you bet $100 on roulette again and win, then overall balance is back at $200. But this time all $200 is cashable. When making the second bet, your balance drops to $0 temporarily as the remaining $100 is being bet. The $200 win is all returned as cash since winnings are cashable.

Winward Casino offers a similar bonus with one major difference. You lose a qualified bonus, if you cash out your deposits + winnings at Casino Vega. You do not at Winward. This difference gives the Casino Vega bonus a higher risk level and results in a different strategy.

Obviously begin by meeting the 60xB playthrough on blackjack. At this point, you will be able to play your 200% bonus. Unfortunately, if you received the maximum bonus, you will not be able to bet the full bonus at once due to a $150 BJ table limit and a $125 roulette table limit. You can get around these limits by betting on 18 numbers, instead of red/black. If you ended with a $250 cash balance and $500 bonus balance., you could bet all $750 at once by placing $42 on each of the numbers between 1 and 18. If you win, your balance will be $1500 cash and $0 bonus. All of it is cash because of the unique Parlay software rule mentioned above. This is a $1250 gain on a $250 deposit!


Cashouts / Warning!

Update: In Jan 2011, a player on the forum mentioned that Casino Vega paid him for his first withdrawal, but then failed to pay a large win on a later deposit with the excuse, "you win too much this is not normal".

Casino Vega also has unique and complicated rules for cashouts. You can only cash out on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Your cashouts will be returned to your account on any other day. You must have made a deposit within two weeks of your cashout. You cannot make a deposit if you have $25 or more in your account. According to these rules, if you have more than $25 in your account and have not made a deposit in two weeks, you cannot either cash out or make a deposit! After 2 weeks, you must get special management approval to make the withdrawal. In at least one case, management has refused to give this approval. So BE SURE TO CASH OUT ALL OF YOUR BANKROLL WITHIN THE FIRST TWO WEEKS to avoid these issues. Some players have had withdrawals delayed for other unexpected reasons. I recommend depositing less than the maximum of $500 to avoid hassle processing a large win.


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