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In early June 2007, the Trident groups changed their T&C such that bets on baccarat, roulette, and craps do not count towards wagering requirements. In August 2007, the T&Cs were amended to limit Sic Bo. These games are excluded because they allow bets on simultaneous winning and losing outcomes, greatly reducing variance. You can still play these games, including high-variance bets to reach a target gain. However, this play will not count towards the wagering requirement. The revised game weightings are listed below:

Video Slots, Slots; Red Dog; Keno and Scratch games* 100%
3 Card Poker, CyberstudPoker, Casino War, Poker Pursuit, Poker Ride, Paigow Poker* 67%
Blackjack; Video Poker* 10%

In my opinion, Red Dog is the best choice for completing a wagering requirement with these rules. The house edge of Red Dog is 3.16%. House edge is defined as the average loss per initial bet. However, in Red Dog, the final bet size is often larger than the initial bet. The average loss per unit wagered is 2.67%. This value is more appropriate than house edge for calculating expected loss while completing a wagering requirement. Red Dog counts 100%, so the expected loss with Red Dog is roughly the same as the expected loss with French Roulette play and typical 50% game weighting. If you attempted to reach a 2xbankroll target prior to completing playthrough, then the expected bonus retention would be ~60%.

If you favor a game with autoplay, there are many alternatives. Note that Microgaming Casino War gives a bonus for sequential ties, which reduces the house edge to 2.33%... lower than the typical 2.88% and significantly lower than the house edge of Microgaming Pai Gow.

The Trident group includes the following casinos: King Neptune's, Trident Lounge, and Vegas USA.


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