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Spoof is an arcade game offered in Gala-Coral-Eurobet software. At one time, it was the best choice for the Gala monthly. Note that the arcade games 60 Seconds and Dice have the same house egde as Spoof.


Rules and Play

After placing your bets, three hands are revealed. Each hand has either 0, 1, 2, or 3 coins. The coins within each hand and the sum of the coins are used to determine winning bets. Possible betting options are listed below.

Hand Bets (These bets can be done for each of the 3 hands)

Winner -- Winner pays, if the selected hand has more coins than the other two hands. Bets are returned on a tie.

Low / High -- Low pays, if the hand has 0-1 coins. High pays, if the hand has 2-3 coins.

Numbers -- The numbers pay, if the hand has the corresponding number of coins.

Sum Bets (These bets relate to the sum of coins in the 3 hands)

Inner / Outer -- Inner pays, if the sum is 3-6. Outer pays, if the sum is 0-2 or 7-9.

Low / High -- Low pays, if the sum is 0-4. High pays, if the sum is 5-9.

Numbers -- The numbers pay, if the sum is the corresponding number.


The only strategy decision for spoof is which bets to make. Choose the low / high bets for the lowest house edge. The pattern of low / high bets influences variance (see Variance and Bet Size selection below).


House Edge

The odds and house edge of the available bets is listed below. Note that the low / high bets have the lowest house edge of 2.5%.

House Edge
Winner (Hand)
3.25 : 1
Low / High (Hand)
1.95 : 1
Numbers (Hand)
3.85 : 1
Inner (Sum)
1.40 : 1
Outer (Sum)
3.05 : 1
Low / High (Sum)
1.95 : 1
Number 0/9 (Sum)
62.0 : 1
Number 1/8 (Sum)
20.6 : 1
Number 2/7 (Sum)
10.3 : 1
Number 3/6 (Sum)
6.20 : 1
Number 4/5 (Sum)
5.15 : 1


Variance and Bet Size

The standard deviation of a low or high spoof bet is 0.98, slightly lower than a coin flip or 1:1 bet in roulette.

One possible betting strategy is making a low/high bet on a hand and making the opposite bet on the sum. This strategy only increases standard deviation per round slightly to 1.03, while wagering twice as many units. The standard deviation per wager with this strategy is 0.73. Note that this strategy is not simultaneously betting on winning and losing outcomes, as it is possible for both bets to win. Nevertheless, it could be thought of as an undesirable bet by a casino.

When betting 5 units (or a multiple of 5), standard deviation per wager can be further reduced to 0.58 by making low/high bets on each of the 3 hands and making an opposite 2-unit bet bet on the sum. For example, a set of bets might be 1 low-hand, 1 low-hand, 1 low-hand, and 2 high-sum. It is somewhat counterintuitive that this betting pattern has a lower standard deviation per wager than ones with an even number of lows and highs, such as 3 x 1 low-hand and 3 high-sum; or 2 x 1 low-hand, 1 high-hand, and 1 high-sum.


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