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Bonus Description

Royal Vegas began a free play offer on 10/26. After signing up, you will be allocated the number of credits listed on the Royal Vegas countdown timer. The timer begins at 300 and decreases by 1 with each hour. The timer is reset back to 300 after reaching 0. The rules of the free play bonus are as follows:

1. The offer is only available to new players.

2. You are allocated the number of credits on the countdown timer at the time you sign up.

3. You must play through your starting credits at least one time.

4. You must play slots.

5. Any winnings above your starting balance are given to you as a bonus with your first deposit.

6. If you do not have any winnings, you are offered a 100% match, up to $100.



I recommend setting a target of the maximum win -- a $150 gain. If you reach your target, you are in great shape. Meet any remaining playthrough and end the free play. You are offered a 50% match up to $100 in addition to your winnings from the play. I recommend ignoring this additional offer. Instead make the minimum deposit of $20 and receive your 800% bonus of $160. Play this bonus with the usual Clearplay bonus strategy.

If you do not have any winnings after the free play ends, you still are offered a 100% match up to $100 (different from 50% offer available to free play winners). This is also a quality bonus. With standard Clearplay bonus strategy, the average gain is +$60. However, if you do not want to risk a loss, then you can skip this additional offer and break even.


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