Beating Bonuses Beating Bonuses



Pub-Casino is owned by Punch Taverns. The casino only allows players from the UK and Ireland. They offer a unique sign-up bonus. To get the best bonuses you need to go to a land-based Punch Taverns and get a promotional card with the bonus code. Without a bonus code, the max bonus is 25% with 50xB wagering. I'll look into posting a code on the site, if allowed. There are several possible bonuses, which are listed below:

--No Code --
25% up £50 with 50xB wagering on BJ

--Requires Code--
100% up to £100 with 60xB wagering on BJ
80% up to £160 with 56xB wagering on BJ
60% up to £300 with 53xB wagering on BJ
40% up to £400 with 52.5xB wagering on BJ


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