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Bonus Description

Powerbet and others in the Crystalisle group offer a cashable 100% match bonus up to $300 with a twist -- you can only cash out if your balance is more than the bonus + deposit, or less or equal to the deposit. The T&C is especially confusing because it first lists general bonus rules, which differ from the rules for the sign up bonus. The signup bonus rules are as follows:

1. The playthrough is 14x(B+D) on Blackjack or Video Poker. The playthrough is 7x(B+D) on War. Pai Gow Poker, Craps, Baccarat, and Roulette do not count towards wagering. The best game to choose is Blackjack.

2. As stated earlier, you can only cash out if your final bankroll is >B+D or <=D. An example will make this more clear. You deposit $300 and receive a $300 bonus, so your starting bankroll is $600. You can only cash out when your balance is <=$300 or >$600. You cannot cashout if your balance is between $300 and $600.

3. If comp points are redeemed, the blackjack wagering requirement increases by 120 times the value of the comps. Obviously, do not redeem comp points.



I recommend depositing the $300 maximum for a $300 match bonus. This makes your wagering requirement 14x($300+$300) = $8400 on blackjack. You can track your wagering by checking how many comp points you have accumulated in the banking area. The wagering goes quickly due to Real Time Gaming's high speeds.

If you end above $600, then you are in great shape. Cash out and do NOT redeem comp points (see above). If you finish at or below $300, also cash out your remaining balance. If you finish between $300 and $600, things are more interesting. You need to get above $600 without risking your $300 deposit. Given the rules above, the best choice would be baccarat. However, I'd recommend large bets in blackjack instead. I've heard several stories about being denied winnings for playing a baccarat or roulette when the T&C states "does not count towards wagering" rather than not allowed at other casinos. While I haven't heard about this happening at Powerbet, better safe than sorry. Keep playing until you either reach a balance of under $300, or over $600.



If you are fortunate enough to make a good gain on the bonus and cash out, Powerbet will most likely pay your winnings in a few days, then close your account and label you as a bonus abuser. There is a good chance of running into issues if you play other sign up bonuses within the Crystalisle group while having the bonus abuser label. This includes the following casinos -- American Grand, Crystal Palace, High Roller's Lounge, Lucky Coin, Lucky Pyramid, Mighty Slots, Real Vegas Online, Royal Circus, and Silver Sands. This group has a poor reputation in general and has found excuses for not paying some of the largest winners.

Powerbet and the rest of the group has a poor reputation with the online community. One referred player has not been paid yet after 2 months for unclear reasons. Powerbet did not pay some other players due to what they call "multiple account fraud". One player claims this was in innocent mistake due to a shared IP address for a short period. Another player claims that the casino is lying. One player's cashout was denied for being under the legal age of gambling in California. Powerbet claimed the minimum age was 21, yet is actually 18 for online purposes. These actions and a other player complaints caused the group to become rogued at Casinomeister.


USA Players

Powerbet does not permit US players from 9 states -- Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, Wisconsin.


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