Beating Bonuses Beating Bonuses



Jack Gold has unique bonus rules, which are described below, as quoted from their website:

You can CashOut (withdraw) your Cash Balance at any time, although if you have a Bonus Balance at the time you CashOut, the Bonus Balance will be forfeited.

If you have both a Cash Balance and a Bonus Balance, you will always stake from your Cash Balance first. Once your Cash Balance reaches zero, you will start staking from your Bonus Balance.

Note that if you have a good run and continually increase your balance, you would never complete the wagering requirement since all bets would come from the cash balance, and only bonus bets count towards wagering. Fortunately they permit withdrawing the cash balance at any time, as described in the first rule. So after a big win, do not try to complete wagering. Instead withdraw your winnings and forfeit the bonus. The EV calculations on this website assume higher variance betting.


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