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Select two player cards, then select any number of additional known from other hands (for multi-hand play) by clicking the corresponding card in the small deck. Click on the corresponding small or large card to clear the selection for that card. The calculator will return the strategy decision that has the highest EV -- Raise, Call, or Fold. Uncheck "Enter Additional Removed Cards From Deck" if you are playing a single hand and do not have knowledge of additional cards from other hands. The optimization selection only alters strategy decisions for close calls when the EV is slightly below -1. The calculator assumes a standard paytable unless "Modify Paytable" is clicked.


Hold'em High Strategy Calculator
Player Cards

Payout Values:
Royal Flush:         Straight Flush:
4 of a Kind:         Full House:
Flush:         Straight:
3 of a Kind:         2 Pair: Jacks+

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