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Update: As of May 2013, the rule mentioned below about bonus money not counting towards wagering no longer appears in the welcome bonus T&C. It may no longer apply.

In 2012, a player reported that Globet has a unique rule such that wagering done with bonus money does not count towards the wagering requirement. Only wagering done with deposit money counts towards the wagering requirement. The final term of the welcome bonus T&C confirms this rule and states, "Wagers achieved using bonus credits do not contribute towards fulfillment of the terms and conditions." A player who was not aware of this rule might wager far beyond the wagering requirement without ever releasing the bonus. Players can avoid this situation by re-depositing, such that the bets are coming from the recent deposits rather than the accumulated bonus and winnings.

In 2010, some players at Globet mentioned issues with very slow cashouts (possible non-payment) and issues with the casino being offline.

In 2007, some players reported that Globet confiscated their winnings. These issues generally related to not completing wagering requirements and/or not following the T&C. For example, one player had their winnings confiscated due to betting on more than 25 of 37 roulette numbers, which is restricted in the T&C.


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