Beating Bonuses Beating Bonuses



Gambler's Palace is a RTG casino that offers large bonuses and accepts USA players. Some players have reported slow and/or awkward cashouts, however, some players have also cashed out without issue. Several players have mentioned issues related to a 30-day active requirement that is not found in the T&Cs. Some players have had issues with a 1% bankroll bet size requirement that is also not listed in the T&Cs. One player mentioned he had to do additional wagering beyond what was listed in the T&C to get his cashout approved. Another player mentioned that someone broke into his account, and support offered no assistance in recovering funds. In short, there is a high risk of unexpected issues and slow/awkward cashouts at Gambler's Palace. At the time of this update, I am trying to assist one player who had their withdrawal cancelled for unclear reasons and is having trouble reaching support. SBR currently rates their sportsbook as a C, indicating "Average to below average cust. service with some risk to players funds."


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