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French Roulette's low house edge separates it from other roulettes. American Roulette has two zeros, resulting in a house edge of 2/38 = 5.3%. European Roulette has a single zero, resulting in a house edge of 1/37 = 2.7%. French Roulette has a single zero and returns half of 1:1 bets (1-18/19-36, red/black, and even/odd) to the player if that zero is hit, resulting in a house edge of 1/37*1/2 = 1.35%. As discussed in the Clearplay bonus section, French Roulette is often the game of choice for playing through bonuses at Microgaming casinos.



The strategy for playing through a Clearplay bonus on French Roulette is very simple:

1. Place a bet on a 1:1 pay option -- red, black, even, odd, 1-18, or 19-36. You can speed up play by placing bets on red or black, even or odd, and on 1-18 or 1-36. I recommend not betting on both red and black to minimize risk of being labeled as a bonus abuser and being denied future promotions.

2. Click the gear/options link to turn on quick spin.

3. Click the Expert link to switch to expert mode, which has an autoplay.

4. Start autoplay. Note that you can change the default number of spins in autoplay and type in a value of your choice.


Expected Return

The table below shows the expected portion of bonus retained under three possible Clearplay bonus weighting/wagering systems.   The most common system is 30xB wagering with French Roulette counting 50% towards wagering. This results in a wagering requirement of 60xB. As you play through the bonus, the bonus is gradually converted to cash in $10 increments. The second column indicates the # of $1 spins this conversion into cash. The third column shows the expected portion of bonus retained while playing through the bonus.

Wagering $1 bets per conversion Expected Bonus Retention
45xB 450 39%
60xB 600 19%
120xB 1200 -62%



With just a 19% edge, the risk of a loss while playthrough the bonus is significant. The table below shows the chance of making a gain while playing a Clearplay bonus with no bankroll limit. Given the high risk of loss, I recommend using a small bet size. For more specific results, see the return & variance calculator.

Bet Size Playthrough Requirement
45xB 60xB
B/200 80% 64%
B/100 72% 60%
B/50 66% 57%



Several players including myself have noted abnormal results while using autoplay in this game. My overall win/loss results have been near expectations. However, sometimes results like the screenshot below occur. The chance of 5 numbers hitting in a row like this is roughly 1 in 2 million.

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