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The casino hold'em, caribbean stud, oasis, and hold'em bonus strategy calculators on this site consider all possible hand outcomes for the unknown cards, then compute the average payout with each possible strategy decision and determine which strategy decision has the highest EV. In caribbean stud, the number of combinations of unknown cards is 46C4 =163,185. This may sound like a large number, but it takes a small fraction of a second for a well written hand evaluator, without even making simplifications for similar hands. The number of hand combinations is far larger for caribbean draw since both the player and dealer may discard 2 cards. When evaluating the EV of a particular set of 2 player discards, the number of possible hand combinations increases to ~200 billion. Considering all possible hands for all possible discard combinations would involve more than 2 trillion hand combinations. This would take far longer than the few seconds most users would want to wait for a result to appear. Instead the caribbean draw calc considers all possible player outcomes and player discard results, and a random sample of unknown dealer cards and dealer discard results.

The number of samples varies depending on the "calc speed" input setting. With a setting of medium, it runs through ~2 million random dealer hands for each player discard result and takes ~1 second. With a setting of slow, it uses twice as many random samples and takes twices as long. Similarly with a setting of fast, it uses half as many and takes half as long. Each time you click "calculate", the calc chooses a different random starting seed, so theoretically you could get a different result. However, the precision of the EV results generally exceeds the hundredths place rounding of the EV, so the EV rarely changes, and the strategy decision almost never changes. You can confirm the precision with different speed settings, by clicking "calculate" multiple times on the same hand. The calc makes several other optimizations for speed, including using a clever method for poker hand evaluatuation that is faster than the method used in the earlier casino hold'em and hold'em bonus calcs on this site.

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