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Club on the Park offers a 100% monthly match up to $200 (£100) with a 40xB wagering requirement on blackjack.



A good number of "Club on the Park Rigged" threads have been appearing on forums recently, in which several players have reported statistically abnormal results. I suspect this is just random variance, as it is unlikely that the well known software Playtech is rigged. Nevertheless, quite a few players believe that Club on the Park blackjack is unfair.

I am not in the Club on the Park affiliate program, so I cannot view referred player results for this casino and confirm usual or unusual results. I can confirm that referred player results with other Playtech casinos such as Golden Palace, Bet 365, and Totesport (Totesport offers same bonus as Club on the Park) have been within normal expectations each month.

The table below lists the chance of making a gain and time required with a variety of bet sizes for this £100 bonus, assuming unlimited bankroll. See the blackjack calculator for checking other bet sizes.

Bet Size Hands Hours* Chance of Gain 1 Standard Deviation
£1 4000 10 87% +5 to +155
£2 2000 5 78% -25 to +185
£3 1333 3.5 74% -45 to +210
£5 800 2 69% -85 to +245
£10 400 1 64% -150 to +315
£20 200 0.5 60% -245 to +410
*(Rate of play is estimated at 400 hands per hour with this slow SW. Maximum rate is ~900 hands per hour.)


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