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Wagers With Bonus Money Do Not Count Towards Wagering and Globet have a unique rule in their terms stating "Wagers achieved using bonus credits do not contribute towards fulfillment of the terms and conditions." A player who was not aware of this rule might wager far beyond the wagering requirement without ever releasing the bonus. Players can avoid this situation by re-depositing, such that the bets are coming from the recent deposits rather than the accumulated bonus and winnings.


Sticky Bonuses

Some Chartwell casinos use a unique variety of sticky bonuses... one that I have not heard of with other softwares. Chartwell sticky bonuses differ from a traditional sticky in three key ways:

1. The bonus is not removed from your account after a withdrawal. After receiving the bonus, you can cash in your winnings and deposit, then continue betting the bonus.

2. If you make a bet with the bonus, half of the payout is returned as cash and half as a bonus. Sometimes this "half" rule does not seem to be applied, so there may be additional conditions that I am not aware of. Please let me know, if the you have different experiences.

3. If your bonus balance drops due to losses, your cash winnings on the remaining balance are immediately withdrawable. You do not need to exceed the original balance to make a cashout.

Given these rules, the obvious strategy is to play through the wagering requirement, receive the bonus, then withdraw your cash balance so only the bonus remains (rule #1). After completing the wagering requirement, there are more options. One strategy is to make smaller bets and immediately cash out the withdrawable porton of each win, so that each time you make a bet, you are only betting the bonus. Using this strategy, the average bonus retention is ~99% (=1-2*house edge per unit wagered).


Sticky Bonuses: Specific Casinos

Stan James charges a $20 withdrawal fee for multiple withdrawals per month via Neteller. However, there is no fee for Moneybookers or Western Union.

Fat Bet keeps the bonus as "HELD" and non playable while pending withdrawals are present. After the withdrawals are completed, the bonus becomes playable again. The remaining bonus not be playable until a couple days after a withdrawal is made.


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