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Casinova software has a poor reputation in the online community. They have been rogued at Casinomeister for years for issues relating to spam, unethical business practice, and possible unfair software. The latter reports to an incident in which a player reported 18 standard deviations below normal results after hitting a royal flush on video poker. Casinova claims that these abnormal results relate to the player accidentally being in "test mode."

In personal experience, my play on blackjack had a high probability of being unfair. However, my results on video poker fell within normal expectations. After 1000 hands of 4-play Jacks or Better, my balance decreased by 70 x total bet per round. 1 standard deviation is -85 to +70 x total bet per round. I did notice one abnormality which favors the player, but I will not list it here for obvious reasons.


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