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Casino Dice is one of the lower house edge Dynamite Idea games and can be a good option when playing unique bonuses where typical table games are not available.

Game Rules

Casino Dice is a simple game. Two dice are rolled, then summed. You can bet that the sum will be any number between 2 and 12, or any combination of numbers. You can also bet on lower, middle, and upper; which correspond to groups of numbers. If your bet wins, you receive the corresponding payout.

After each win, you can attempt to double your winnings, as pictured in the screenshot at the top of the page. The double bet involves betting on whether the second die roll will be higher or lower than the first. Sequential ties are an automatic loss, so this bet has a house edge of (1/6)^2 = 2.78%. Doubling large wins increases variance. Doubling small wins can decrease variance over a wagering requirement since wagering done on the double bet may have a lower variance than wagering on the main game bet. If you want to avoid increasing variance, do not double when the size of the double bet is greater than that the variance per roll (square of SD per roll). Sometimes increasing variance can be useful, such as when trying to reach a high target gain. In such instances, doubling large wins can be useful.


Strategy, House Edge, and Variance

The two lowest house edge bets are 4 and 10, with a house edge of 2.50%. When betting on both 4 & 10, the standard deviation of the combined bet is 2.18, which is quite high. You may prefer to also add in one or more of the 2.78% to reduce variance. For example, if you bet 1-unit on all of the 2.78% HE bets as well as 4 & 10 (everything except for 5, 7 and 9), the combined house edge is 2.71% and the SD of the combined bet is 1.10... similar to blackjack. If the ratio of the bet sizes is varied for a more consistent payout, the SD of the combined bet can be made significantly lower.

Bet Odds of Win Bet Pays House Edge Standard Deviation
Middle 24/36 1.45 3.33% 0.68
Upper / Lower 6/36 5.8 3.33% 2.16
2 or 12 1/36 35 2.78% 5.75
3 or 11 2/36 17.5 2.78% 4.01
4 or 10 3/36 11.7 2.50% 3.23

5 or 9

4/36 8.7 3.33% 2.73
6 or 8 5/36 7 2.78% 2.42
7 6/36 5.8 3.33% 2.16
4 & 10 6/36 5.85 2.50% 2.18



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