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This calculator returns an estimate of the bookmaker's take for a bet and the chance of each outcome occurring. The bookmaker's take can be treated as a house edge estimate, when you do not have special knowledge of the bet outcome beyond the bookmaker. Select the Win/Lose box when there are 2 bet outcomes (win or lose) and the Win/Lose/Tie checkbox when there are 3 bet outcomes (win, lose, or tie). For example, at the time of this update Pinnacle gives odds of 1.412, 10.21, and 4.66 for a Chelsea / Tottenham 1X2 bet (win/lose/tie bet). If you enter these three numbers as the 3 odds in the calc, it outputs a bookmaker's take of 2.03%. Gold Victory gives odds of 1.40, 8.00, and 4.20 for the same match. Entering these 3 numbers, the calc returns a much higher estimated bookmaker's take of 7.18%.

Type : Win/Lose Win/Lose/Tie

Odds #1:  Dec Frac US
Odds #2:  Dec Frac US
Odds #3:  Dec Frac US
Commission: (%)

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