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This calculator returns the matched bet stake size for a constant net profit and average profit with a specific matched bet selection. SR indicates a free bet with Stakes Returned. SNR indicates a free bet with Stakes Not Returned. Qual indicates a Qualifier bet, arb bet, cashable bonus bet, or other bet without a bonus. The odds can be listed in decimal, fractional, or American formats. The calculator detects what format is entered. Click the buttons to convert the numbers back and forth between formats. After the first run, the calc returns the stake such that the net profit is the same for both bet outcomes. You can modify this stake output and compare profits with the change.

Bet  Size : SR SNR Qual
Back Odds:  Dec Frac US
Lay  Odds :  Dec Frac US
Back2 Odds: Dec Frac US
Back Commission: (%)
Lay Commission : (%) 
Back2 Commission:(%)
2nd Bet Type: Lay Back None

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