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Bet and Game offers a unique 100% match sign-up bonus, up to £50. The bonus can bet thought of a sticky with no playthrough. You can cashout winnings on the bonus at any time, but you cannot cashout the bonus itself. I believe that the bonus remains in your account with each cashout, and you do not need to exceed your original deposit to make a cashout. However, you are charged a small fee for each withdrawal. So you may prefer to make smaller bets and have several cashouts or you may prefer to go for a big win and have a single cashout

While the bonus is technically cashable, it is extremely difficult to make a cashout. To cashout the bonus, you must have a net win/loss of £2500. Net win/loss results are calculated once per day. For example, if you wagered £2500 and broke even, your net win/loss would be 0, so you could not cashout out the bonus. However, if you made one £25 bet each day for 100 days, you could cashout the bonus since each day you had a net win/loss of £25 for a total net win/loss of £2500.

It is worth noting that the website is poorly maintained, and some games are not compatible with my favored browser -- Firefox.


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