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Remaining in Good Standing


Some casinos and casino groups label players who consistently win using bonuses as "bonus abusers" and ban them from receiving further bonuses. Most casinos that offer monthly reload bonuses are known to ban players from receiving them. Affected players are unable to receive bonuses or play sign-up bonuses at other casinos in the group. Five strategies to increase your chances of remaining in good standing are below.


1. Play Without Bonuses

The Casino Rewards group is probably the group that is best known for suspending players from receiving bonuses. The key reason for the problems is redeeming multiple sign-up bonuses without non-bonus play in between. Several other groups have made similar statements. For example, the Grand Prive group has banned players from receiving bonuses stating that their bonus to deposit ratio was too high. One of the most effective ways to avoid problems with these groups and others is to make a deposit and play without receiving any bonuses.


2. Play One Bonus at a time per Casino Group

Simultaneously playing (and cashing out) several bonuses in the same group draws attention to yourself and increases the chance of being labeled a bonus abuser. I recommend waiting until receiving a cashout from the first casino before beginning on a second casino.


3. Play More than the Minimum Wagering

A player who chooses the lowest house edge game and cashes out the moment that he meets the minimum wagering looks like he is just there for the bonus. Playing beyond the minimum wagering decreases your risk of problems.


4. Choose a Different Strategy

Casinos have many players who choose low risk strategies or optimal strategies and recognize these players. Using a different strategy from most avoids raising red flags. For example, someone who plays thousands of hands of blackjack and bets the minimum with each hand is more likely to run into problems than a player who chooses some riskier larger bets and also plays some non-blackjack games. For Clearplay bonuses, a player who bets his full bankroll on a hand of baccarat is more likely to have problems than a player who bets a smaller portion of his bankroll on blackjack and continues until he either doubles his bankroll or busts.


5. Reverse Withdrawals

Casinos often encourage players to reverse withdrawals and may give special bonuses to players who reverse withdrawals. Reversing withdrawals may improve your status with the casino.


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