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AST Gaming is a small software provider that is used at Golden Arch Casino, Pamper Casino, Rochester Casino (closed?), and SBG Global Casino (only Flash Casino). ThrillX seems to be a slightly modified version of AST Gaming software with a reduced game selection. ThrillX is used by BetEd Casino, FiestaBet, and Suite332 (only Virtual Casino). This warning applies to both softwares. Amigotechs is another modified variation. This warning applies to all three softwares.



Several players have reported unlikely win/loss results with both AST Gaming and ThrillX softwares. Two players reported a combined result that was ~12 standard deviations below the mean at Pamper Casino (AST). The chance of this event occurring randomly is approximately 0.000000000000000000000000000000004. If everyone on Earth completed this wagering once per second, on every second of every day, one person would be expected to get this result or worse each 1500 trillion years. Suffice to say, this is not normal variance. Several players have reported unlikely results at Bet Ed & Suite 332, using ThrillX software, including a more tha 5 standard deviation loss. Some players have also had normal results and large gains with these softwares. I believe that AST / ThrillX software is not purely random, as do many players.

With both AST & ThrillX softwares, minor glitches may occur while playing, such as cards appearing blank instead of having a numerical value and log files not recording correct play results.


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