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This page includes strategies that go beyond basic bonus play. These strategies often carry a higher risk.


Two-Tier Betting

Using two-tier betting or simply large bets of a fixed size can increase EV and reduce time spent wagering, for a pre-wager bonus. It is a key tool for an advanced player. See the two-tier betting page for more detail. Clearplay bonuses work particularly well with two-tier betting. See the Clearplay bonus section for details. Slot bonuses can also be profitable by using a variation of two-tier betting. See the slots bonuses page for details.


Cashback Bonuses

Cashback bonuses are not discussed much in the main site. But if you can handles the risk of a large loss, some cashback bonuses have a high EV and unlimited reloads. Cashback reloads are fairly common. See the cashback bonuses page for details.


Currency Selection

£1 is worth approximately $1.5. Many casinos offer the same bonus for different currencies, so you can increase the bonus by a factor of 1.5 by playing in £, rather than $. Read over T&Cs carefully before playing in a foreign currency. Some casinos have different wagering requirements for different currencies or may forbid playing in a foreign currency. A good example is 32 Red, which offers a quality monthly bonus. In a live chat, a 32 Red support rep confirmed that it was acceptable for me to sign up in £, rather than my home currency. You may wish to have multiple eWallet accounts in different currencies to facilitate currency conversion. Note that Neteller and Moneybookers charge a currency conversion fee. Click2Pay does not. Moneybookers permits multiple currencies through with pro gambler status.


Strategically Claiming Bonuses

Some casinos periodically offer bonuses to regular players, in which the player must submit a claim after meeting various criteria. You can reduce your risk, in some cases dramatically, by claiming the bonus at a strategic time. For example the Grand Prive group used to offer a weekly bonus that required playing through the deposit 1x. If you made a gain while playing through the bonus, you could cash out your winnings, make a new deposit, then start again. You could claim the bonus when you had a loss, so you were risking less of your own funds with the high-variance play portion of the Clearplay bonus. There are many other examples.


Special Reload Bonuses

Many casinos offer reload bonuses that are far more valuable than the casino's sign-up bonus, as the reload bonuses can be claimed many times, and the sign-up bonus can only be claimed once. These reload bonuses are often special offers that are not listed on the website. Some casinos email these offers to all players in good standing. Others only select some players, often those who deposit and play without bonuses. The quality of the reload bonus may vary depending on the amount and type of non-bonus play.


Very Low House Edge Games

Optimal play on single deck blackjack and some video poker games can reduce the house edge to negligible levels. In some games, the player has an edge over the house. This small player edge is usually not enough to make a significant long term profit. However, the player can wager large sums without an expected loss and earn casino comps or special bonuses. These casino comps give the player a much more significant edge. One player who used this strategy was given $5000+ a month in comps at InterCasino while making a net gain nearly as large on his play. Note that such comps are often not printed on the website. They are special benefits for players who make large wagers.


Card Counting

Many casinos shuffle after each hand, resulting in no benefit to card counting. However, some casinos offer live play. This allows one to track cards in a counting program and modify play accordingly. It's a lot of work and a lot of time for an average edge of 0-2 percent. In any case, it's a way to further improve your edge. Live play is available at most Playtech casinos, Vuetec casinos, Ladbrokes,, Suite 332, and Casino Webcam.


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