Beating Bonuses Beating Bonuses



At the time of this update in October 2009, some players have had recent disputes with the group. I suspect that the trigger for these disputes is joining a new casino in the group while being bonus banned at other casinos in the group. The disputes generally involve an email, like the one below:

We have noticed that the only purpose you are opening accounts with us is to
abuse our First Deposit Bonus offer. Since your actions have nothing to do
with the gaming services we provide, your membership is not welcomed.
According to the SITE USER AGREEMENT, we have decided to close all of
your Casino accounts.

Closing player accounts is within a casino's right, so long as they return the player's balance at the time the account is closed. Unfortunately some players did not have their balance returned. eCOGRA has been successful in recovering affected players money. However, only the non-white label casinos in the group are supported by eCOGRA --, Littlewoods, Lucky Ace, and Reef Club. The GRA has also been helpful in disputes. See the link in the contact section of this site for more information.

Note that bonuses in this group may have increased wagering for deposits with Neteller and/or Moneybookers.


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