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Bonus Description

Casino 770 and Casino Riva offer a unique 100% match up to £200. The bonus is non-cashable, and remains in your account after making a withdrawal. Casino 770's website is poorly designed. Finding terms for the sign-up bonus can be a challenge. The terms are listed in the "General Rules" link at the bottom of the home page. The bonus rules state,

"6.1 Casino 770 has only one rule for its bonus : « You can withdraw only what you have won in addition to your bonus. Casino 770 offers a 100% bonus for the first deposit and a « no deposit necessary » bonus during special events."

There is also a "Bonus Seeker" clause in the T&C, which states,

"7.1 A Bonus Seeker is, according to Casino 770, a client who abuses bonus offers during the first deposit or regular deposit promotions (10% - 100% bonus) and who, in addition, withdraws everything that was deposited playing only with the chips offered by Casino 770."

Given this Bonus Seeker clause, I recommend that you do not withdraw your cash and only play with the bonus. You could instead withdraw winnings several times, keeping some real money in your account with each withdrawal.



Casino 770 has had a disproportionately high number of player issues for a casino of their size. About half of the issues I am aware relate to software problems. For example, there was an issue in early 2007 with split and double buttons disappearing while playing BJ. More recently, a referred player reported a similar issue with a missing double option while making a half-bankroll bet. Other issues include poor support and slow payment.

A player contacted me about a statistically improbable result in baccarat. The player lost 133 while wagering only 788 with some bets on banker and some bets on player. The odds of this occurring randomly are extremely low. I estimate nearly 1 in one million. Having said that, several other players have reported normal game results and having a large net win at Casino 770.


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