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Bonus Description

Suite 332 offers a unique 100% match up to $150 with 40xB wagering on blackjack. All games count towards this wagering, including games that are typically excluded, like baccarat and roulette.



Several players have reported unlikely win/loss results with Suite332 (AST/ThrillX) software, including more than 3 standard deviation losses. Some players have also reported normal results and large gains with this software. All of the unlikely results that I am aware of occured with the virtual casino (AST/ThrillX), not the live casino (CWC Gaming). I believe the virtual casino is not purely random, and the live casino is random.

Minor software errors may occur while playing, such as cards appearing blank instead of having a numerical value and log files not recording correct play results.

The terms of the Suite 332 bonus include clause listed below about a "bonus abuse detection algorithm." The terms imply that players who make many small bets on a low house edge game like blackjack will be flagged by the system and denied winnings.

PLEASE NOTE: We are pleased to announce that, thanks to a new bonus abuse detection algorithm, we have reopened the 100% Check-In bonus to players from ALL regions. The Check-In bonus is in place for all players to enjoy & play with. Unfortunately, some players join online casinos with the sole purpose of incrementally betting in small amounts on certain games in order to meet wagering requirements and cash-out their bonuses. Such behaviour, also known as "Turtle Betting", guarantees the player a marginal win/loss & a straightforward path towards leaving with a casino's bonus offer without fair play. Such players are the reason behind stringent wagering requirements, restricted games, & region banning.

Bonus Abusers: As per above, with the implementation of our new Bonus Abuse algorithm, players who claim a bonus & whose play matches a stored bonus abuse profile in the software are tagged & forwarded to our Audit Department for review. Players whose review shows blatant bonus abuse will have their deposit refunded to them and any winnings/bonuses voided & removed from their account. Players who are found to abuse bonuses a second time will be given the same treatment, however their accounts will be banned. These measures are in place in order to allow a fair opportinity for regular players to enjoy the bonuses we offer and to also give the casino/house a sporting chance.


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