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Casino 1x2 is offline. A news site reported ""Israeli police have pounced on an illegal online gambling network which they suspect was operating via the website, reports Israel News. In a raid following a lengthy undercover investigation, police arrested five people suspecting of operating an online gambling network directed at Israeli gambler"


Past Bonus Information

Casino 1x2 offers a 100% match bonus up to $100 bonus with 22xB wagering on blackjack. This 22xB wagering contradicts the T&C, which states "Any Bonus may be Cashed Out only after wagering an amount totaling no less than: 6x rollover (BONUS + DEPOSIT)." I get the impression the website is poorly maintained. The home page lists several other bonuses, most of which are not available. The T&C also states "To be entitled of the bonuses you must deposit at least $100, and you cannot withdraw it for 14 days from the date you deposited." I believe this rule 14 day rule is being enforced.

Casino 1x2 uses Betsoft Gaming software. I am aware of only three casinos using this small software. I have found the software to be above average for a smaller group. The wagering tracking system is similar to the one Cryptologic has and easy to use. My net gain with blackjack play was well above expectations.



During 2004, a good number of players had issues getting paid from Casino 1x2. The casino also printed that payouts were reviewed by a seemingly nonexistent group. For these reasons, it won the "Worst Casino of the Year" award at Casinomeister for 2004. There has been little discussion about the casino over the past couple years and I'm told that they have new management, so I am relying heavily on my recent experience from April 2007. I noticed several issues with this casino during my play:

1. The phone support # is not valid. However, emails to support are answered, typically within 24 hours.

2. I had to fax in identification before receiving the bonus. I have never heard of a casino that requires you to fax in ID before playing the bonus, instead of when cashing out. After faxing the information, my bonus (and later my cashout) were approved.

3. The T&C lists the incorrect wagering. I attempted to cashout after wagering 6x(B+D) and was told that I had another 5x(B+D) to go. After completing the 11x(B+D wagering), I was told I had to wager 11x(B+D). After explaining I had already done that, my cashout was received by Western Union in <24 hours.

Other players have reported being paid, but sometimes being paid slowly.


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